Calibration… it’s a matter of safety

Most new vehicles are now equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These systems are an added safety feature and are intended to facilitate safe driving. They rely upon a camera that warn drivers of imminent dangers on the road, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents.

Your windshield isn’t just an ordinary piece of glass, it is so much more. It is considered a key element in the structural integrity of your vehicle. Studies show that it is the 3rd most important safety feature in a vehicle, right after seatbelts and airbags. An improperly installed windshield can compromise everyone’s safety.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, commonly known as ADAS

After a windshield replacement in an ADAS equipped vehicle, calibration is used to ensure proper alignment and functionality of the system.

Here are the most common ADAS systems used by vehicle manufacturers today:

Lane Keep Assist LKA ADASLKA : Lane Keep Assist : This system is intended to keep the vehicle in the center of its lane and notifies the driver if it unintentionally changes lanes without prior indication. The system will launch a corrective steering response to bring the vehicle back within its designated lane.

Lane Departure Warning System LDW ADASLane Departure Warning System : This system is designed to alert the driver when the vehicle unintentionally leaves their designated lanes and the turn signal has not been activated.

Forward Collision Alert FCA ADASFCA : Forward Collision Alert : The FCA is an alert system that informs the driver that they are too close to the vehicle ahead and that there is a risk of collision.

Collision Mitigation Breaking System CMBS ADASCMBS : Collision Mitigation Breaking System : This system offers the same functionalities as the collision alert system, however it triggers a visual and / or audible warning prompting the driver to take the necessary measures in order to avoid an accident. If no action is taken and the system detects an impending collision, the vehicle will automatically apply the brakes to avoid impact.

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC ADASACC : Adaptive Cruise Control : Adaptive cruise control allows the driver to utilize the cruise control feature while regulating the vehicle’s speed to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of it.

Types of calibrations available.

Vehicle calibration requirements are based on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

There are two types of calibration: Static Calibration and Dynamic Calibration.

Static Calibration

Static calibration is done within our store while the vehicle is stationary. Following a windshield replacement, our certified technicians calibrate the system by using an electronic device, a laser and targets to obtain extreme precision. The calibration settings are predetermined by the vehicle manufacture along with a specific standard to follow.

Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic calibration requires the vehicle to be driven to complete the process. It is done using a portable electronic device which is directly plugged into the vehicle's OBD II port. Calibration is done according to the manufacturer's instructions. Our certified technicians take the vehicle on the road and follow the car makers strict specifications to calibrate the system.

4-STAR Auto Glass offers calibrations services by trained and certified technicians to its customers using top of the line equipment. 4-STAR currently offers mobile service for Dynamic Calibrations and has added a dedicated Calibration facility for Static Calibrations.

What is the cost of calibration?

The cost of calibration may vary depending on the vehicle and the type of calibration required. Most insurers* cover the cost of calibration (if you are insured for glass damage).

Contact your local 4-STAR store and they will be able to inform you if your vehicle requires calibration services and if so, which type.

* May vary by state law and your insurance policy.

All our trained technicians use top of the line equipment to guarantee a professional installation and camera calibration. Our technicians can not only safely install your windshield, but precisely calibrate your ADAS system as well.

4-STAR Concierge Service

Our team understands that being without a car is sometimes not an option. For this reason, we have established a concierge service to accommodate your needs

Upon booking your windshield replacement and calibration appointment, let us know that you will be requiring a rental for the day. All arrangements will be made in advance for your car rental with insurance and this at no cost. Just ask!

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